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Hemp Buyer's Guide

Hempster Store is an online retailer of CBD and Hemp products.

Our CBD and CBG Buyer's Guide, is a list of Hempster Store's current CBD and CBG product offerings by category.  We invite you to try several products in different forms of CBD to help you feel better and achieve your health goals.


CBD Capsules or Softgels

Please visit our CBD Capsules Tab. Hempster Store offers CBD oral capsules or softgels.

A softgel is an oral form of medicine similar to capsules, but with a softer outside surface, known as “the shell”.  You swallow a soft gel just like a capsule.  Some users like softgels and some like capsules.  Hempster Store offers both softgels and capsules for your choice of CBD tablets.

CBD Edibles

Please visit our CBD Edibles Tab.  Hempster Store currently offers 6 different edibles, with more planned in the future.  Here are our current offerings:

CBD Gummy Bears – One of our most popular products.  Gummies are so easy to eat and digest.  Great for any age.  Contains 5 mg of CBD per gummy.

CBD Chill Shot – A CBD drink, water based, with a natural lemon flavor.  A small dose of CBD at a cheap price.

CBD Suppositories – For use “you know where”

CBD Cocoas – Four little yummy foil-wrapped chocolates.  Oh so yummy…We offer these in Dark Chocolate (the classic) and also Dark Chocolate Mint (if you like a mint after taste).

CBD Tasty Hemp Gummies – Like gummy bears but stronger.  Contains 5 mg or 25 mg of CBD per hemp gummy.  Assorted fruit flavors.

CBD Oils

Please visit our CBD Oil TabHempster Store offers three hemp oil products.  Use as instructed.  For Gold or Blue, one serving is a section approximately the size of a grain of rice. 

CBD Tinctures

Please visit our CBD Tinctures TabHempster Store currently offers 10 different Tinctures.  Here are our current offerings:

Vitamin D3

CBD Oil THC Free

CBN Rest

Hemp Extract Spray 


CBG OIl Blend

Hemp Extract THC Free

Whole flower Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil Extract

Hemp Extract - Tincture

CBD Skin Care & Topicals

Please visit our CBD Skin Care & Topicals Tab.  Hempster Store currently offers 7 different Topicals.  Here are our current offerings:

Elite Transdermal Gel Pen

Transdermal Compound

Hemp Body Butter

Rosewater Face Cream

Glycolic Acid CBG Oil

Vitamin C CBG Serum

Massage Oil 

Tattoo Balm

Muscle Relief Salve

Green Tea Toner

Face Wash

Facial Serum

Moisturizing Lotion

CBD Hemp Lotion

Muscle Freeze Extract

Transdermal Elite Patch

Hemp Salve

Hemp Cooling Muscle Rub

CBD For Pets

If you have a dog or cat, we welcome you to try a Hempster Store CBD pet product as follows:

Wellness Drops-Dogs

Hemp Oil Extract-Cats

Hemp Oil Extract-Dogs

Paw Balm

The CBD Take-Away

Hempster Store will add more products in the future. 

Thank you for buying and trying our products and hopefully, being a repeat customer.  Every customer is important to us.  We sincerely appreciate your business.

Thank you for visiting


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