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15 mg Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil Full Spectrum Gels #30
15 mg Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil Full Spectrum Gels #30
15 mg Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil Full Spectrum Gels #30

15 mg Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil Full Spectrum Gels #30

Tasty Hemp Oil
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Full-spectrum Hemp oil extract softgels that contain natural phytocannabinoids and terpenes

  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil
  • 30 softgels (15 mg CBD each) 450 mg total
  • Contains Omega-3
  • Calm and soothe the mind and body

These Hemp softgels also include hemp seed oil, which provides incredible nutrition. It’s no wonder why hemp seed oil is considered a superfood by many health enthusiasts. This oil is packed with omega-3, omega-6, vitamins, minerals, and other phytonutrients.

What’s Different About Tasty Hemp Oil Softgels?

For those with sensitive taste buds, the “hempy” taste of hemp oil supplements can be tricky to adjust to. This is no longer an issue with the Tasty Hemp Oil CBD Softgels. These softgels are tasteless and simple to use.

All of “Tasty Hemp” Oil products are made from industrial hemp that is properly sourced from farms in both Kentucky and Colorado.

The oils have a proprietary blend of cannabinoids with less than 0.3% of THC. These softgels are also made with full-spectrum hemp oil, therefore, you will be able to take advantage of the entourage effect when consuming them.

Since they are compact, it is very simple to travel with softgels as they can easily be stored in any type of bag or luggage.

How to Take CBD Softgels

The suggested serving size for CBD Softgels is 1-2 softgels per day. As with any CBD product, the serving size will vary from person to person.

If you’re going to take two capsules per day, we suggest taking one in the morning and another before bed, or in the afternoon, if they feel that they need a boost around that time. While this works for some customers, if you know you’ll forget to take the second softgel in the afternoon, then take them both together in the morning. It’s all about what works for you.

Keep in mind when taking CBD softgels, they digest thru the liver and it may take 30-60 minutes before noticing the benefits of CBD. Therefore, take anywhere from 30 min to 60 minutes to 90 minutes before you want to feel an effect.

One softgel is 15 mg of raw organic cold pressed hemp seed oil

15 mg each softgel x 30 softgels = 450 mg in one bottle


Raw Organic Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, CBD hemp oil, Gelatin capsules

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All products contain less than 0.3% THC